SpydaBass (spydabass) wrote,

more hourlies once again, 1/8/2010

More hourlies! Oh boy!

hourlies 1/8/10 part 1

hourlies 1/8/10 part 2
hourlies 1/8/10 part 3
hourlies 1/8/10 part 4

what a time. what. a. time.

there are many other hourlies you should be reading instead of mine, in case you were wondering. There are John Campbell's, KC Green's and Ryan Pequin's, all of which will make you regret having wasted your time reading through the scribbled dreck I have posted.

Also, a little shoutout to buddy Terence Wiggins who runs the very funny Smile Like You're Dead Inside photoblog that you should read through all day. He was also nice enough to link to this journal! Whaddaguy!!

More hourlies to come next week probably.
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